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The PRO USB to Serial adapter

USB to Serial adapter PRO

The PRO USB to serial adapter is the best choice for both old and new applications and devices. It works with most operating systems such a Windows. Linux and Mac.
This type of adapter has a high quality design with a quality processor chip and serial driver chip. The drivers are carefully written and properly tested and updated frequently. Processor ships of this caliber, among others, are FTDI and Silicon Labs.

Features of a PRO adapter

A PRO quality USB to Serial adapter should have a quality cable between the USB plug and the circuit board containing the processor. A ferrite core should be integrated in the cable near the USB plug to prevent noise from radio frequencies, which will provide for a more reliable data communication.
Any PRO type USB to serial adapter should have activity LED lights to indicate data transmission in the TX and RX lines. This will make it easy for the user to identify when data is sent and received and will make it much easier to trouble shoot most applications in case of communication problems.
A PRO type adapter can have wither stand-off nuts or thumb-screws for securing the adapter to the serial device, and the DB9 connector can either be a female or a male connector. A male DB9 connector is most common, and if needed it can be changed to a female DB9 with a female/female gender changer.