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The Standard USB to Serial adapter

USB to Serial adapter Standard

The Standard USB to serial adapter is a good choice for most older operating systems (Windows 98, 2000 and XP) and general applications and devices. The reason we call it a standard adapter is because this type of adapter usually comes with a minimum of features and often a low-cost processor chip and driver chip. The price range of this type of adapter often is between $4 and $12 but can vary from seller to seller. An example is most of the USB to serial adapters sold on eBay is this type of USB to serial adapter.

Common problems with a standard low-cost USB to Serial adapter

The main problem with a low-cost USB to serial adapter is that it usually is designed around a low-cost processor and driver chip. Processor chips with a low-cost architecture and poorly written drivers is the USB to Serial adapter's worst enemy. It will in many cases cause driver installation problems and related communication problems with the connected serial device, and in some cases even makes it impossible to transfer data.

So when can I use a low-cost adapter?

A low-cost USB to serial adapter should only be used for older operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000 or XP. Linux and Mac are not recommended. Also, only simple serial devices such as printers or scales should be used with a low-cost USB to serial adapter. The reason a low-cost USB to serial adapter can be used with older operating systems and simple serial devices is that these operating systems and devices are less complex than newer operating systems and more advanced/complex devices so the drivers for the adapter are less prone to malfunction.